Students & Young Adults

We want to help students and young adults to connect in with our church family so that they can play a big part in God's plans.

We believe that students and young adults aren't just the church of the future. They are the church of today. We believe that the best way for us to help them to flourish into all that God has for them is to knit them into our diverse and multi-age church family.

As we connect you with believers who are more mature than you are, you will grow in your relationship with God. As we connect you with teenagers, children and seekers after God, you will discover the deep joy of helping others who are behind you on their journey of discipleship.

In all of this, we try to create an environment into which you can easily invite your non-church friends, so that they can become part of the journey too. If you are a student or young adult, then there is a place for you at Everyday Church.

7pm Service

Many of our students and young adults come to the 7pm service every Sunday at our Wimbledon location. There's a younger feel to the service and it feels a little bit less pressured than rolling out of bed early on a Sunday for one of our morning services. If you are more of a morning person, though, you will find plenty of students and young adults across our other services too. 

Student & Young Adults Life Groups

A lot of the friendship-forming and disciple-making at Everyday Church takes place in the context of our Life Groups. Some of our Life Groups are exclusively young people, since some people prefer a context where the interactions are mainly peer-to-peer.

Other Life Groups mix up students and young adults with older people, since some people prefer a context that feels a lot more like family, with some spiritual mums and dads to look out for those who are living far from home.

At all of our services, both in the morning and the evening, we have a variety of Life Groups for you to choose from. So come and try out a few until you find the Life Group you are looking for.

Whatever your background and whatever your preferences, you will be able to find your church family here.