Mar 25, 2016 | Tim Hull

The Day God Tasted Death

Psalm 22

    The reality TV show "Undercover Boss" gives us a glimpse of what it was like when Jesus came to earth. The "boss", the creator of the universe, puts on ordinary clothes and joins the shop floor of earth, to be among the everyday people. Jesus took this to its logical conclusion when He died a horrible death, so that He could show us the big reveal of who He really is, and how we can now take part in the lavishness of his grace, now that His identity is revealed. In this Good Friday message, Tim Hull looks as Psalm 22, the greatest prophecy about the death of Jesus in the entire book of Psalms. Join us as we explore what happened, on the The Day God Tasted Death.

    The Day God Tasted Death // Good Friday from Everyday Church on Vimeo.

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    Life is noisy. It's hard to keep up with the beat. That's why for thousands of years people have made the book of Psalms the soundtrack to their life. Take some time out from the noise and join us to discover a better, God-given rhythm that has been on people's playlist for over three thousand years.


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