Mar 27, 2016 | Sean Hammond

The Day Death Died

Psalm 16

    Do you like cover versions of songs, or are you the kind of person who prefers the original version? In this Easter Sunday message, Sean looks at Psalm 16. It's a Psalm of David, but as we'll see, Jesus sang a cover version of David's song that was better than the original. In an even better twist, the invitation is there for us to write our own cover version to God. We can share in the glorious inheritance that David prophesied about, Jesus fulfilled, and through the Spirit is open to us now. Happy Easter!


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    Life is noisy. It's hard to keep up with the beat. That's why for thousands of years people have made the book of Psalms the soundtrack to their life. Take some time out from the noise and join us to discover a better, God-given rhythm that has been on people's playlist for over three thousand years.


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