Merton Night Shelter [Wimbledon Venue]

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When a guest who carries all he has on his back gives his spare hat and gloves to another guest who’s lost his, you know something special is going on. When half of our guests walk down from another church where they’ve spent the night to attend our early service, you know something special is going on. When a Greek guest reading a Greek Bible given to her by one of our volunteers encounters Phil Moore, who reads the passage perfectly whilst simultaneously translating it into English, you know something special is going on. All of this happened either yesterday evening or this morning at the night shelter at Everyday Wimbledon. Guess who is most blessed by this.

This is our third year of being involved in the splendid Merton Winter Night Shelter, which ensures that about fourteen people who would otherwise be sleeping rough are given a hot supper, the opportunity for a hot shower, a safe and warm place to sleep, a satisfying breakfast and a packed lunch, together with an evening of playing pool, a game of chess, the chance to watch a DVD or the opportunity to chat with someone who cares about them and shows a genuine interest in their lives. Guess who is most blessed by this.

The event runs from the beginning of December through to mid-March, with our involvement being every Sunday night from the start of the shelter to the end of January. The guests then move onto another block of seven churches for the remainder. I’ve no doubt that we will continue to be involved for many years to come, so give some thought to helping out. Guess who will be most blessed by this.

Malcolm Bream


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