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We are looking for 150 people who are willing to covenant to pray daily, or almost daily, for Everyday Church. As we shared at our first ASK prayer meeting back in January, we are setting up a group of pray-ers and intercessors that we’re going to call “The Hundred and Fifty”. We’re not dead-set on that exact number, and if more people want to pledge to pray then, of course, we won’t turn people away – but we want this to be a big thing, a movement of people right across Everyday Church who are deeply committed to praying for the church.

What would it mean for you to be part of “The Hundred and Fifty”? From our side, it would mean two things. One of the church pastors would send you an email once a month with prayer points for you to bring to God each day that month. They would be similar to what we normally share at our ASK prayer meetings – much less measured and much more detail than at our Sunday services, but not so confidential that we betray anybody’s confidences. We would also email you on an ad-hoc basis if there was a particular need for emergency prayer. From your side, it would mean covenanting to pray for Everyday Church every day. If you miss the odd day, that’s fine. We understand that up front, but we’re asking you to pledge that on any normal day you’ll be on your knees before God for your church.

So if you would like to become part of “The Hundred and Fifty”, please sign up below then we will add you to the growing list of pray-ers and intercessors. We look forward to partnering with you in this new prayer venture together…

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