Everyday Church Wimbledon Launch Compassion UK Partnership

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  Last year, Everyday Church Wimbledon 0-18’s leader, Dan Featherstone visited a church in Nairobi, Kenya connected to the charity Compassion UK. Touched by the need and impact that the church and the charity were having in their local neighbourhood, he joined with other leaders at...

Merton Night Shelter [Wimbledon Venue]

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When a guest who carries all he has on his back gives his spare hat and gloves to another guest who’s lost his, you know something special is going on. When half of our guests walk down from another church where they’ve spent the night to attend our early service, you know something...

The Naked Christian

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A lot of what passes for Christianity isn't Christianity at all. That's not too controversial - the spiritual leaders of Europe have been pointing it out for over 500 years. One of the reasons why so many people have given up on church is that so many of them suffocate simple faith with empty...


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