New Venues

God has spoken to us very clearly about planting new venues of Everyday Church throughout London and right across the world. He drew our attention to Mark 1:38, where Simon Peter tries to persuade Jesus to settle in his own town and base his ministry in one location. Jesus replied firmly, “Let us go somewhere else, to the nearby communities, so that I can preach there also. That is the reason I have come.” Part of what it means for us to love Jesus and live his mission is to plant new congregations into more and more local communities.

Some new venues begin with a ‘sense of burden’ to start from scratch somewhere new. Other new venues begin with a ‘sense of call’ from an existing church that believes it would be able to serve God’s purposes more effectively by partnering with Everyday Church. Partnership isn’t easy – it requires sacrifice on both sides – but when churches are willing to walk the path of death and resurrection, it’s incredibly fruitful. We have seen remarkable fruit through such partnerships. If you want to flag your own ‘sense of call’ to us, then email . We would love to explore possibilities with you.

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