Everyday Conferencing
Terms & Conditions of Room Hire

  1. The Hirer agrees to pay the full amount at least two weeks prior to the event.

  2. If the booking is cancelled within the two weeks prior to the event, the whole sum of the invoice is still owed. If cancellation occurs before the two-week window, 25% of the total sum will still be owed, and an invoice detailing this will be sent out. If payment had already been made at point of cancellation, 75% of the total cost will be refunded to the Hirer.

  3.  The Hirer agrees to leave the hired room and equipment in a clean and tidy condition to the satisfaction of the Church. If the Hirer fails to leave the premises this way, the Hirer shall be liable for the cost of cleaning the premises and/or disposing of rubbish left on site, this amount the Hirer shall pay to the Church within seven days of receiving an invoice.

  4. NO alcohol to be consumed on site.


  6. NO Church property shall be removed from the premises.  Any loss or damage, however caused during the period of hire, shall be the liability of the Hirer, and payment in respect of the same shall be deducted or made as in clause 3.

  7. The Church will not be liable for any loss suffered in the event of the hired space not being available on the date of hire due to circumstances beyond its control.

  8. The Leaders of the Church reserve the right to refuse admission at any time and have the right of entry at all times.

  9. The Church does not accept liability for accidents to persons while on the premises so far as the law allows.

  10. The Church and its officers are not responsible for any incidents or accidents on the church premises including the car park and other external areas - howsoever caused during your time of hire.

  11. The Hirer is required to take all precautions necessary for the safety of those present.  Means of escape from the premises must not be blocked or impeded.  Free access must be maintained to the fire appliances. Please be aware of the Fire Action notice.

  12. If an event has over 150 attendees the Hirer must let the Church know who the Hirer’s designated fire marshal in the event of a fire will be. This is so that, at the start of the event, they can made aware of the fire procedure by one of our Conferencing Hosts.

  13. Where premises are to be used by children, the Hirer agrees and confirms that they are fully aware of the principles contained in the government documents 'Safe from Harm' and ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ and undertake to adopt the recommended practice in all work with children and young people under the age of 18 years.

  14. Where working with adults who may be at risk of abuse it is the expectation of Everyday Church that the Hirer will follow the principles outlined in ‘No Secrets’ and the ADSS document ‘Safeguarding Adults – a national framework of standards for good practice and outcomes in adult protection work'.

  15. The Hirer agrees to indemnify the Church, its representatives and members against all actions, claims, proceedings, costs losses, damages, charges and expenses of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused, arising out of, or as a result of this agreement.

  16. The Church accepts NO responsibility or liability whatsoever for loss of, or damage to, the property of the Hirer or of persons using the premises so far as the law allows. For events involving the general public, Hirers are strongly advised to take out their own public liability insurance.  

  17. NO alterations or additions may be made to the electrical installations without permission.  Prior permission must be obtained for the use of electrical equipment such as projectors, and audio equipment.

  18. The Hirer is not allowed to sub-let.

  19. The premises shall be vacated promptly and quietly by the end of the agreed booking time. At all times due consideration must be given to residents in the vicinity of the premises, particularly regarding noise levels.  

  20. All crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils etc. shall be provided by the Hirer.

  21. The Hirer is solely responsible for the actions of the attendees of an event.

  22. At no times are the premises to be used for any religious gathering, nor for any activity with spiritual element/s.

  23. The Church reserves the right to require the Hirer to take down or change any promotional/advertising material that it deems not suitable.

  24. Published Hire charges are valid from 1st January 2020.  Bookings made for periods in the next financial year will be subject to price increases to reflect increased costs, unless payment is made in full at the time of the booking.

  25. All enquires concerning bookings should be made via email to conferencing@everyday.org.uk