Exodus 12 – Jesus and The Passover Lamb

Walking Through Exodus

Devotions - Week 6

Key Passages:  Exodus 11 & 12, Matthew 26-27, Mark 14-15, Luke 22-23, John 13-19, Romans 10:9-15
As those of you who know me know, I love Christmas. I love celebrating the birth of Jesus. I love all the biblical truth that we read and sing in that season. I love our family and church traditions that have built up over the years.

But – Christmas would be irrelevant if it wasn’t for this week – if it wasn’t for the cross and the death of Jesus. We celebrate birthdays, we generally do not establish festivals around deaths. But we do with Jesus.

In our walk through the book of Exodus we have this week arrived at the Passover. We have looked at how significant an event it is for the people of God. In every way a defining moment, a key part in the birth of a nation. An event, like Christmas and Easter, that literally changed the calendar.

As we have examined the significance of the Passover for the jews, we have realised it’s significance for us as Christians. We have discovered that the event that was supposed to be celebrated annually by the Jewish nation, was fulfilled in Christ to transform all nations.
Towards the end of this week, you will see that we have paused our Exodus reading plan. I want to encourage you to spend time in your own personal times with God and in your Life Groups and households to spend some time in the scriptures that describe and define this Holy week.

  • Firstly, spend some time considering Jesus as the fulfilment of the Passover lamb. The grid below will help you. Look at how the Exodus event really does point to Jesus:
Passover LambJesusClue
Exodus 12:3-6Matt 12:1-11Four days
Exodus 12:51 Peter 1:18-19Without blemish
Exodus 12:5Luke 2:41-52Mature
Exodus 12:5Matthew 1:18-21Male
Exodus 12:3-4Romans 3:21-26Everyone
Exodus 12:6Mark 15:25, 31-3814th day
Exodus 12:46John 19:31-36Bones
Exodus 12:8-10John 19:31Nothing left overnight
Exodus 1:16, 11:5Matt 2:16ff, Matt 3:17, Rom 8:29Sons
Exodus 12:7, 12-13,
Rom 5:6-10Blood
  • Then spend some time in the last week of Jesus’ incarnational life using one of the four gospels. Each of the gospel writers spends more time on the last week of Jesus’ life than any other moment in his thirty-three years.

  • Allow the scriptures to speak to you about God’s love and commitment to you as an individual and to us as a community. Spend some time thanking GOD for the gift of Jesus.

  • Finally spend some time praying for your neighbours, your nation and the nations. Jesus is the Passover lamb for all people and God’s heart is that none should perish. We know that we have a key part to play in bringing the gospel to those around us (Rom 10:9-15). As we have focused on the cross this week, give the Holy Spirit freedom to provoke us to pray, care and share the gospel with others.
This Everyday Devotions was written by Simon Elliott, our Lead Elder.

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