John 2:1-11

John - Jesus Performs His First Miracle

John 2:1-11
John 2:4
“Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”
Well in my message I focused on John 2:1-11, which is Jesus’ first recorded miracle, the wedding in Cana where he turned water into wine. It’s such an iconic episode in the life of Jesus, and even through it’s only 11 verses, you could easily study just this one miracle for weeks on its own, such is the richness of the symbolism and so multi-layered is the story.

Just to recap, I said a few things about the Jesus turning water into wine:
  • It reveals Jesus’ divinity
  • It represents the ordinary being made extraordinary
  • It’s abundant answer to prayer
  • We are invited to play a role in the transformative work of Christ on this earth.

Go and check out my message for more details!

Today in this devotional I want to focus on one particular aspect of what I said in the message; this idea that you can move the hand of God.

To unpack that a little I encourage you to go and read Genesis 18:16-33, and John 14:12-14.

What do you think about Abraham’s pleading with God over the city of Sodom? Was it sacrilege on Abraham’s part or did he really have that close a relationship with God that he could speak to Him in this way? And what does how you feel about that tell you about your level of relationship with God?

My understanding of God is that He delights in blessing and surprising us. The gospels show a God that that heals unexpectedly, provides outrageous gifts of abundance, and generally confounding everyone’s expectations of Him (even the ones that were closest to Him!) We need to recognise that our view of God can sometimes colour how we perceive these verses, so you could spend some time meditating on this during the week (see Apply below).

Now have a look at Jesus words in John 14. We sometimes trip over the words “in my name”, as though that’s the key that unlocks the magic of prayer somehow. God is not so formulaic, however there is also something here in understanding what is our hearts motivation when we pray. Do we pray to receive something, or do we truly seek to align ourselves with God’s heart, and pray from that place? In the words of the Catholic nun Therese of Lisieux, “God gives me whatever I want, because I want whatever He gives.”

Ultimately, when we submit our lives to Jesus and invite him to make His heart ours, we start to pray the kinds of prayers God loves to answer. You are being invited into relationship with God today so that you too can pray these kind of prayers and see God open up miracles around you! Let’s pray this together this week.


  1. Do you really believe that your prayers are heard by God?

  2. If not, what does that say about your relationship with Him?
    God is inviting you today into a relationship where you can ask Him for what is on your heart!

  3. If you do believe it, does that change what you pray about?
    When we are in close relationship with Jesus through the Spirit, our desires are transformed so that we pray the kind of prayers God loves to answer!

  4. What do you have in your hands right now, that if God were to grab a hold of, would change the situation for His glory and the blessing of those around you?


Lord God,

Please come and be part of my day today, and would you change my situation for your glory, so that others would see you as Lord.

And Father please show me what I have in my hands that you want me to use in the work you are already doing.

Reveal your glory through me to others I pray today.

This Everyday Devotions was written by Sean Hammond, who is an elder in our Wimbledon Venue.

Sean unpacks these themes in more detail in his sermon message this week on our website, YouTube Channel and at our Online Church Services.

This Everyday Devotions has also inspired a devotional video that you can watch on our YouTube Channel.

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