Galatians 3:1-14

Galatians – By Faith or by works of the Law?

Galatians 3:1-14
This week in our sermon on Galatians, I contemplated what it was like to experience the situation through Paul’s (the Apostle) eyes. To feel what he felt when dealing with the Galatians, and mirror that in my own life. It’s the best way to experience the Bible by looking at the context the passage was written in and looking at it from the writer's perspective.

The focus this week is about having faith. Faith in what or who and how does faith work in the Bible. The concept of faith for much of my life would be classified either has vague hope or blind faith, where I would teeter between the two hoping to find Jesus somewhere in the middle. Faith was always something I found mysterious and quite challenging to explain, in tangible words.

What can you learn from the fact that the  Holy Spirit was present amongst the Galatians even when Paul was no longer with them. Also what can you learn knowing that the Galatians were led astray even though they had been given a clear and vivid recounting of the crucifixion.

What does it mean to be called a child of faith like Abraham in verse 7. Abraham had faith in God and his promises and this was credited to him as righteousness. Being able to stand right before God is something we should all desire.  How can we stand justified before God and that is ‘’Jesus’’. Jesus brings justification before God which is unpacked in Roman 8 vs 1-5 and 14-17. You cannot earn your righteousness under the law, by living according to your own code of conduct or balancing out good deeds vs bad deeds. The Law only brings about one thing, condemnation, which shows us exactly how far we are away from God through our own failures.

What is the solution to our despair? How do we bridge the gap between God and Man. Yes, it’s Jesus but how, what happens on the cross that deals with the curse that comes from the law? The great substitution happen on the cross; all our sin and death from the curse is exchanged when we accept Jesus into our lives; we receive the gift of salvation that’s eternal life with God but also his Holy Spirit . You go from being spiritually dead to alive, now isn’t that truly Good News!


  1. This week note down the top 3 things you are trusting God in faith.  Something that you have hope for and it is not yet seen but God has promised and so you have faith he will accomplish.

  2. Write down the first time you had a flicker of faith in Jesus or felt God’s Spirit move in your life. How would you share this story with others in 90 seconds?

  3. Recall the last time you felt there was a flicker of faith in the lives of your friends and family. Write down their name/s and pray for this person this week.


Father God, thank you for the gift of Jesus, you call us to have faith and trust in you and your word. Engage our hearts to desire the out pouring of your Spirit so we can share you with the world around us.

This Everyday Devotions was written by Emeka Maddy, who is an Elder at our Sutton Venue.

Emeka unpacks these themes in more detail in his sermon message this week on our website, YouTube Channel and at our Online Church Services.

This Everyday Devotions has also inspired a devotional video that you can watch on our YouTube Channel.