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Whatever You Do

Join The Family

Luke was an outsider. He was a pagan looking in on the happy-clappy Christians in his city and wondering what all the fuss was about. Then he heard the message - God had invited ordinary men and women to become part of his family. When Luke took steps to find out if it was true, he set out on a journey that catapulted him into the spiritual adventure of a lifetime. Come and join us for any of our church services from January to July to find out what it means when God says "Join The Family".

The Naked Christian

A lot of what passes for Christianity isn't Christianity at all. That's not too controversial - the spiritual leaders of Europe have been pointing it out for over 500 years. Let's learn how to become Naked Christians.

Soundtrack To Your Life

Life is noisy. It's hard to keep up with the beat. That's why for thousands of years people have made the book of Psalms the soundtrack to their life. Take some time out from the noise and join us to discover a better, God-given rhythm that has been on people's playlist for over three thousand years.

One Life

There are over 7 billion people in the world right now. Many billions more have lived and died before us. One life stands high above them all, a single life that changed everything for humankind as a whole.

He never held an office, yet our laws are founded on his teaching. He never wrote a book, yet he has inspired more writing than anybody else in history. Join us and find out why...

Life Works God's Way

None of us are born with a manual in our hands telling us how to make the most of life. We have to work it out the hard way. That’s why it’s such good news that the Bible contains a whole book about how to make the most of life, love, work, free time, money, family, friends and just about everything else. Join us as we study the book of Proverbs together and discover how life works God’s way.

Step Into The Story


One small step can make a massive difference. That’s what Peter discovered when he obeyed Jesus’ call to follow him. Peter the fisherman became Peter the apostle. Everything changed for him and for all of those around him. Peter’s friend Mark wrote down his story to encourage people like you and me. Come and see how Jesus is inviting you to Step Into The Story.


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